Friday, April 11, 2014

MDU Round 1

The time we've all been waiting for since last fall, drifting season, is finally upon us! Come kick off the 2014 Midwest Drift Union Season with us and begin the year long celebration of Five Years of MDU!

This is the first round of the Midwest Formula D Pro*AM Series. All drivers will need to pass the 2014 Midwest Drift Union Technical Inspection. If you are not at the morning drivers meeting you will not be able to drive until the second half of the day, no questions asked.
All competition drivers are expected to drive the complete Midwest Drift Union season. The season has been spread out so that every driver can make each and every event. The top placing driver(s) of the series will be rewarded with a Formula Drift Pro 2 License.

All information regarding technical inspection, judging, rules, etc. can be found on our website, .

Drivers Event Schedule:
07:00 AM – Gates Open (Drivers Load In – Technical Inspection)
09:00 AM – Mandatory Drivers Meeting
10:00 AM – Group A
11:30 AM – Group B
01:00 PM – Group A
02:30 PM – Group B
04:00 PM – BREAK – Competition Drivers Meeting
04:30 PM – Qualifications


Spectator Event Schedule:
10:00 AM – Gates Open

Drivers Cost:
Regular Cost: $185.00 (Ends 4/4)
Late Registration: $250.00 (If Not Sold Out)



Note: All PRE-REGISTERED drivers will be allotted one (1) pit crew member free of charge. Any and all late registrations will not be eligible for this option and anyone with said driver will be required to pay standard spectator entry fee as listed below. Please email with any questions.

2014 MDU Pro*Am Season Pass:
$800 (Ends 4/4) includes all 5 2014 MDU rounds, and official 2014 MDU shirt & stickers

Spectator Cost:
General Admission: $15.00
Kids 12 and Under: FREE

Gateway Motorsports Park
700 Raceway Blvd
Madison, IL 62060
(618) 215-8888
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Face Off

IMPORT FACE OFF Drifting is in the main lot at Gateway Motorsports Park, Sunday, April 6th. It will be rad. Be there.

Current Drivers List for IFO

01. Thomas Hubert
02. Steven Wemhoener
03. Michael LaCoste
04. Steven Fishel
05. John Gerger
06. Clayton Angel
07. Denzil Brown
08. Shane Mcafee
09. Richie Clouser
10. Chris Lincoln
11. Cory Patterson
12. Brandon Fields
13. Ryan Wakeland
14. Peter Kessler
15. Clay Quamann
16. Charlie Quatmann
17. Grant Ellison
18. Morgan Cavalier
19. Eric Meyers
20. Robert Reim
21. Brett McNamara
22. Jordan Taylor
23. Wes Kueger
24. Shawn Alicea
25. Chris Mullins
26. Darren Streibig
27. Connor Huppert
28. Grandpa Hanley
29. Kyle Ricard
30. Omar
31. Derrick Swanson
32. Chad Griffith
33. Robert LeMay
34. Trevor Specht
35. Michael Chartrand

All drivers are expected to be present for tech inspection and drivers meeting before being allowed to drive. 


ALL CARS ARE REQUIRED TO PASS TECH! Any car that fails tech will not be allowed on track. There are no refunds due to a failing car. Please take time to address all points listed under the tech rules and have all repairs completed before your car is inspected.

This tech guideline comes from our smaller Midnight Madness series, but all the info is the same. Should there be any event specific amendments, they will be noted along with that particular event. Please read thoroughly.

The Pits
Drift drivers will first secure them selves a spot in the pits and once unloaded, take your car to the designated tech area. Your car must be Teched by a Staff member BEFORE you can enter the staging lanes. If you do not have a Tech Card when you arrive you must register at the booth to obtain one. Once you have your tech card, fill out your personal information on the top and find the Staff member in charge of Tech, usually Adam (borodrifter) or Sam (Spirtle) or Ryan McGowan. If and only if/when your car passes tech, you may then enter the staging lane to drift (as directed).


The staging lane may have two way traffic so keep your eyes open and do not speed in the pits/staging area. Keep an eye on the staff member running the Starting Line and wait for their signal to enter the course.

The staging lanes/paddock is restricted to Staff and Drivers/Passengers ONLY! NO EXCEPTIONS! DO NOT LOITER IN THE STAGING LANES. WE don't really care who you know or who you're there with, we don't want to clean up the mess when you get run down. You will be asked once to remove yourself.

Drivers who are Staged: DO NOT block the entrance to the pits and be sure to be alert for line movement.


All tech cards have a check list of requirements that must be met before your car can be driven at Midnight Madness, and must be checked BY A STAFF MEMBER! DO NOT take it up on you self to tech your own vehicle under any circumstances. 

The following TECH RULES must be followed for your car to pass
1. Battery tie dows: YOU MUST HAVE THEM! 
Factory or aftermarket battery tie downs must be in place and functional where ever your battery is placed. They should be strong enough to keep the battery in place and from tipping/spilling (even if you have a leak proof battery or solid cell) There is always the danger of it flying free of its respective housing and causing injury or damage. Your positive battery terminal must be covered even in the stock location with a oem style battery terminal cover.

1a. Battery Relocation: If the battery is moved from its stock location it may only be moved to the trunk (except Miatas) and it must be secured in a battery box. 
If it is moved to the trunk it has to be secured with metal to the metal. No nylon or other such straps can hold your box in place and no zip-ties, bungies, etc. Bolts please! 
The battery box can be any type of automotive or marine box wich can be had for $10 or $15 from Walmart or Autozone. 

2. All lug nuts must be in place and tight. We will check them.

3. Hand/Emergency brake should at least hold the car in place. Hydro's are the exception but they must be free of major leaks, internal and external.

4. Ball joints and tie rods must be in good condition and free of excessive play. 

5. Brake pedal must have firm pressure with low fade.

6. Tail lights and brake lights must work (especially for tandom runs), but we can make exceptions as this is not too critical.

7. Your seat(s) must be stable and properly secured in the car. 

8. Seat-belts and Harnesses You must have functioning 3 point belts for all seats that hold drivers/passengers, or no less than a 3pt harness. The only exception would be a car that only came with lap belts or less.

9. Your car must be free of excessive fluid leaks.

10. All loose items must be removed from the interior of the car or secured under the seat or away from the driver. This goes for engine bay and under car also. 
Please secure any loose itmes that could become hazardous to you, spectators or other drivers. Broken suspension parts must be replaced, not zip tied, but body panels (with in reason) can be held on with zip ties, etc.

Codes of Conduct on and off the track

Gateway has been very gracious to extend to us the opportunity we have before us. They have given us the area, the safety equipment and the coverage at very little cost to you. From here it is up to us and us alone to make it run better, faster and stronger. We are the ones who have the power to turn it into a more professional event for all to enjoy. We have very few and simple rules to follow and would appreciate your cooperation in following and enforcing these rules. They ensure that the night is fun, fair and safe (as safe as this shit can possibly be)

Please read carefully.

We cannot stress enough the importance of this. If you are driving, and you are suspected, and/or found to be drinking you will be asked to hand over your wrist band and park your car.

2. Wrist Bands and Entry.Drivers will receive a wrist band when they regsiter that allows them access to the course. This wrist band must be worn at all times.

We need to keep the staging lanes clear so we have no traffic jams or accidents. If you are not a driver or a staff member please stay out of the staging areas.

3. DO NOT Stage your car until you are teched in by a staff member.
4. Staging lane etiquette: When you line up be respectful of other drivers and keep an eye on the line. Keep your car moving! 
Do not wander so far that people are forced to move around your car or wait.
Also pay attention to who ever is working the start gate. Proceed only when given the go-ahead, come in when you are called, and if they tell you to do something, please do it.

5. Tandem runs REQUIRE AN APPROVED CAGE! 4 point hoop with door bars are accepted (ask your tech guy).
6. Keep your arms, legs, heads, etc, in the car when drifting! No Kazama or Tarzan Rodeo Drifting 

7. ONE LAP IS THE RULE. That includes your lap out of the gate. 
If you fail to abide by this you will sit out a rotation and if you continue to ignore it you will be asked to leave. 

8. GMP has asked that we keep our show relatively family friendly. Basically, don't be assholes. 


Staff members are the bosses at the track. Respect them like they were your Mom or get beat down like they were your Dad.

If you have questions or need help find some one from operations: Sam, Steve or Adam (or otherwise indicated)

Note* We ask that you not park your Moms Taurus or whatever crap your drove in the pits. Please respect the drivers and give them their space to work.

Thank you and enjoi!!
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Midnight Madness #1

Our first Midnight Madness of 2014 is one month away at Gateway Motorsports Park, in beautiful, scenic, Madison Illinois. Drifting, Drag Racing, Hard Parking, car shows, vendors, bands. Full Article>


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Monday, November 11, 2013

The End

The 2013 comes to a close at the third round of the Brolex Series here in St. Louis. Here are some shots from the day by Jeff Le at JLP.

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